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REFS commitment to the Mixed Martial Arts and its evolution is derived from a deep passion for its rich history and exciting future.

REFS DVD Instructional Series strives to elevate the profile and acceptance of MMA, its participants and its patrons. REFS presents a candid, in-depth examination of the sport’s major components, ideals and nuances. REFS DVD Instructional Series is an asset to anyone looking to improve his/her understanding of MMA.

REFS DVD Instructional Series is designed to provide the casual spectator and eager fan with a basic understanding of the fundamental mechanics of MMA competition and officiating, creating a richer event experience.

The beginning Mixed Martial Artist can gain a solid first step in training by learning the core MMA techniques and their application within the competitive environment. Amateur and Professional fighters both can improve their skills and records by better understanding what is expected of them when they step into the ring/cage, and train accordingly.

On advanced levels, REFS DVD Instructional Series examines the more subtle aspects of MMA technique, competition and officiating. Trainers, Coaches, Gyms and Dojos can fine-tune workouts to maximize fighters’ and students’ chances for victory and success.

Seeking to work MMA events, aspiring officials with minimal ring/cage experience, as well as the “cross-over” official with experience in other combat sports, will benefit from REFS DVD Instructional Series’ clear and concise delivery of rules, regulations and protocols expected of active MMA officials.

REFS DVD Instructional Series combines presentation, animation, controlled action and live action sequences to give you an informed and intimate look at the realm of the Mixed Martial Arts Official, and teaches you the essentials for being successful in MMA.

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