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Everyone complains about the officiating but, no one does anything about it.... Until now!

REFS' Instructional Staff is directed by of one of the most knowledgeable and experienced referees in the fight sport industry. Possessing ring experience of 20+ years, and unsurpassed dedication to the sport, why would you trust your instruction to anyone other than REFS?

Nelson "Doc" Hamilton has been an advocate, educator, instructor and practitioner of martial arts since 1973. He holds advanced ranks in both Judo and Hawaiian Kenpo.

In addition to his martial arts involvement, he stays busy as a chiropractor, specializing in sports medicine. As a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), he is a consultant to both professional and amateur athletes. Also, he is a contributing editor to Ultimate Grappling Magazine.

"Doc" has been a licensed kickboxing referee in California since 1986. He also is a licensed Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ring official in Nevada and New Jersey. He has worked as a referee and judge for the UFC, PRIDE, KOTC, SHOOTO, WEC, EliteXC, StrikeForce, and K-1.

Based upon his knowledge of the martial arts and his reputation in that community, he was appointed on four separate occasions to serve in an advisory capacity to the California State Athletic Commission. Having served eight years as an advisor, he has been instrumental in writing and re-writing the rules governing kickboxing and MMA in California.

With the knowledge and experience derived from his involvement in the sport, and as an advisor to the state athletic commission, "Doc" realized that there existed a critical need for the formal training of MMA judges and referees. Acknowledging this fact, he created REFS in year 2000.